How to create index in PowerDesigner

Oct 29, 2015

In general, when I design data model in PowerDesigner, my process is:

1. Create CDM

2. Generate PDM from CDM.

3. Generate script.

If I modify data model, I modify CDM then generate to PDM, the process like above.

But, how to create an index of one table ?

CDM can’t create index, only PDM can do it.

In my process, I create an index in PDM, next time I generate from CDM, the index disappeared.

my solution

1. When generate PDM,  select "Preserve modifications" in the “PDM Generation Option” dialog


2.  Comparison Option set not include Table > Indexes

Click [Set As Default], next time won’t need to set again.


3. Generate PDM always accept all actions without remove table index.